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Automatic Wire Stripper


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Automatic wire stripping tool easily removes insulation from the ends of cable for repairing VEX® wires and any 10-24 AWG wire. Strip multiple wires side by side at the same time, allowing you to neatly remove the insulation from all of the conductors in a VEX® sensor or motor wire to the same length. A great multi-purpose tool to have!

Wires, housings, crimp pins, and kits to repair connectors also available.

Please note: Appearance such as color of the tool may vary from image.

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Repairs to wires are VEX Robotics® Competition Legal by rule R15a (see this clarification for additional details). Please note that the keyed connectors on VEX® wires are custom, and cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, should you want to keep the keyed connector, you must carefully remove and reuse the one that was previously on the wire. However, non-keyed connectors are also legal.

Here's how to legally repair a damaged connector:

  1. Remove the current connector housing. By using a tiny screwdriver or utility knife, you can lift the little tabs holding each pin in and then slide the housing off. If you don't want to reuse the housing, you can just cut it with side cutters.
  2. Snip off the existing damaged pins right where the pins meet the wire.
  3. Strip off about 5mm of insulation on the end of each wire. Ensure that all the stripped sections are the same length.
  4. Crimp a pin onto each wire, paying attention that they are all in the same orientation as before. A crimping tool such as those sold on is recommended, however with some practice and care other simple tools can be used too.
  5. Slide a new or reused housing onto the new pins. Give it a light tug to make sure all the tabs are clicked in all the way.

Additional repair information including pictures and a video are coming soon.

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