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    New & Improved! This testing kit now includes V5 Cable Adapters and a zipper bag for the same great price as before! Check that your custom crimped VEX V5 cables are functioning correctly with this simple to use cable tester. Use the included adapter cables to perfectly fit VEX Robotics V5 Cables into the testing unit. When not using it on your robot,...

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    $24.99 Ships Oct 2022

    This 2-piece set of foam organizers allows you to organize, protect, and store all of the parts in a VEX IQⓇ Gen 1 Super Kit! Both pieces fit neatly into your plastic tote and still leave room for a Chromebook or small laptop inside. Especially great for classrooms and camps, as the organizers also conveniently show when all of the parts in a kit are...

    Ships Oct 2022
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    $239.99 Ships mid October

    Robosource's Robot Case is the ultimate solution to transport your VEX Robots! Durable, high strength hard-sided flight case keeps contents safe at a price everyone can afford. Designed specifically to fit and protect VEX Robots while being accepted as standard size checked luggage, you can take your robot on flights with confidence. This updated version...

    Ships mid October
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    $13.99 In Stock

    Need this item quickly? Click here to order on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan or Makrolon) is a tough, non shattering plastic that is very clear. It offers endless possibilities in your robot design and is easy to work with. Sheets can be cut easily (even tin snips work well for small pieces) and can be cold-bent or...

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    $8.50 In Stock

    No more broken gears or rounded out hubs! Use these high strength lock bars for reinforcement or to mount high strength shafts directly to metal parts. Made by VEX Team Virus, these HS lock bars fit VEX EDR® High Strength (1/4") shafts. VEX® Robotics Competition Legal, these bars are precision cut and broached from genuine VEX EDR® 1x25 Steel Bar to a...

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    $4.99 In Stock

    All the goodness of nylock locknuts, at about 30% less weight and better versatility! These hex nuts have a nylon insert to lock onto screws and prevent loosening, without the need for threadlock. Thin nylock nuts are made from steel, so their reduced thickness has no impact on strength when used in VEX robots, but they are much easier to fit into tight...

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    $5.99 In Stock

    These T15 Star Drive (Torx) allen keys are intended specifically for VEX EDR 8-32 Star Drive Screws. Precision T15 tip on both ends, with a round, chrome plated steel body for a more comfortable grip. Measures 1 inch x 2.5 inches. Includes 10 T15 L-key wrenches per pack.

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    $99.99 In Stock

    These high strength yet economical star drive screws are perfect for any VEX Robot. Identical to VEX Robotics Star Drive Screws and competition legal, Robosource's fasteners use high-torque T15 star/TorxⓇ drive tools. Also available color-coded by length for easy sorting.Specifications: #8-32 thread size is compatible with all VEX hardware Exceeds SAE...

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