About Robosource, LLC.

Robosource.net was founded in July 2015 and is an online store offering parts, tools, and many more items for VEX Robotics teams and programs. The site was created and operated by Kevin Boenisch originally to fund his community VEX Robotics team in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area: 2188A. After a very successful VEX Starstruck season, placing 2nd at VEX Worlds in Robot Skills, team 2188A has retired, but Robosource, LLC continues to supply the VEX community with a wide and continuously growing selection.

We originally began by selling low cost unofficial balls for the VEX Robotics competition Nothing But Net. Soon thereafter, we expanded our offerings to parts like spacers and plastic sheets, and a large selection of premium tools. More recently, items including wire repair products, a full range of aluminum hardware, organizational stickers, storage systems, and many others have been added. We're always looking for new items to offer, and if you have any ideas please let us know.

We love being a part of the amazing VEX community and always aim to offer an advantage to VEX teams with anything we sell. Partnerships are what help make us great, and we are very thankful to work closely with VEX Team Virus, who manufacture the High Strength Lockbars and 1x1 Aluminum Angle out of VEX EDR parts.

We hope you enjoy browsing Robosource.net and greatly appreciate all of our customers that have made this site — and our robotics team it funded — as successful as it is!