Robot Parts offers a wide variety of inexpensive parts for use with the VEX EDR® robotics system. All of our parts are legal to be used on your VEX® Robotics Competition robot!

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  • Plastic Sheets

    Clear & Smoke Gray Polycarbonate (Lexan/Makrolon) as well as economical ABS plastic sheets offer endless design possibilities at an amazing price! Cut, shape, and bend up to one sheet per robot, as allowed by R7f.

    All purchases of plastic sheets include Resource Kit with tips & info, adhesive drilling/cutting template, and plastic usage chart.

  • Spacers & Washers

    Nylon spacers & washers for the VEX Robotics System. Available individually in just the sizes you need or variety packs, at a fraction of the cost. Identical to VEX Robotics Spacers and competition legal.

    Please note: Spacers are now sold in packs of 50pcs and washers in packs of 100pcs.

  • Zip Ties, Rope, Velcro

    Zip Ties (a.k.a Cable Ties) for VEX Robotics are useful for more than just wire management! Made of high quality, strong Nylon. 1/8" and 1/4" nylon rope is strong, easy to use, and competition-legal. Adhesive and one-wrap style hook and loop tapes can be used for fastening batteries, parts, and other parts that need to be removed or repositioned. Anti-slip mat can be used to add extra friction to your robot.

  • Rubber Bands

    Robosource offers many different types of inexpensive rubber bands in #32, #64, and #117B sizes.

  • Screws & Hardware Offers a wide variety of Screws & Hardware fully compatible with the VEX EDR robotics system and VEX Robotics Competition legal. Our hardware selection offers a variety of choices at low prices, including:

    • Color Coded screws for easy sorting
    • T15 Star Drive screws made from high-strength steel
    • Shoulder screws for improved build quality
    • Anodized aluminum standoffs, spacers, and washers
    • Lightweight nylon and aluminum options
  • Wire Management

    Organize and protect cables and pneumatic tubing on your VEX EDR® robot with a variety of wire bundling and attachment products at great prices. Don't forget about Zip Ties and Hook & Loop too!

  • Lubricants

    Keep your robot working well with oils & greases for your robot at discount prices from All of our lubricants are non-aerosol and legal for competition robots.

  • High Strength Lock Bars

    No more broken gears or rounded out hubs! Use these high strength lock bars for reinforcement or to mount high strength shafts directly to metal parts.

    Made by VEX Team Virus, these HS lock bars fit VEX EDR® High Strength (1/4") shafts. VEX® Robotics Competition Legal, these bars are precision cut and broached from genuine VEX EDR® 1x25 Steel Bar to a tolerance of ±.001”.

    1x1x35 Aluminum angles are cut from 1x2x1x35 VEX C-Channel. A great lightweight option for many parts of your robot.

  • Tape

    Teflon Thread Tape for pnuematics and Electrical Tape for wiring management.