VEX IQⓇ Gen 2 Education Kit Parts Organizer Set


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This set of 2 foam organizers, waterproof stickers, and organization guide allows you to sort, protect, and store all of the parts in a VEX IQⓇ 2nd Generation Education Kit! Both pieces fit neatly into the VEX plastic tote (sold separately and not shipped with the IQ kit) and still leave room for a Chromebook or small laptop inside. Especially great for classrooms and camps, as the organizers also conveniently show when all of the parts in a kit are present, making clean-up faster.

  • Includes 2 CNC milled foam cutouts with rigid base
  • Precisely fits VEX IQⓇ robotics parts for organization and protection
  • Designed by VEX Team 3547:Virus.
  • Please see important VEX kit info below

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Click here to view the layout guide for the storage tray of small parts.

VEX IQ Kit Information:

The following information is provided to help clarify what exactly each VEX IQ Gen 2 kit includes and what is needed for storage.

These organizers are not compatible with the basic plastic box that VEX IQ Gen 2 kits are shipped in. You will need to purchase a VEX tub, lid, and tray set separately, or use any other suitable storage box and an organizer for the smaller parts.

VEX Part Numbers:

  • Single tub, lid, and tray set: Discountinued by VEX, previous P/N 228-3036
  • Now sold as a set of 3 tubs, lids, and trays: VEX P/N 276-7899

VEX IQ Gen 2 Education Kits

To store an Education Kit, you will need 1 Education Kit Organizer Set (Robosource P/N 53-22) and 1 VEX tub, lid, and tray set (see above)

VEX Part Numbers:

  • Education Kit: VEX P/N 228-8899
  • Education Kit without Electronics: VEX P/N 228-8657

VEX IQ Gen 2 Competition Kits

A full Competition Kit consists of both the Education Kit and the Competition Upgrade Kit. Therefore, to store a full Competition Kit, you will need both the Education Kit Organizer Set (Robosource P/N 53-22) AND the Competition Upgrade Kit Organizer Set (Robosource P/N 53-23) AND 2 (two) VEX tub, lid, and tray sets (see above).

VEX Part Numbers:

  • Competition Kit (includes the Education Kit and the Competition Upgrade Kit): VEX P/N 228-7980
  • Competition Upgrade Kit Only: VEX P/N 228-7597

Organizer Dimensions:

  • Piece A: 17.7 x 10 x 1.6 inches
  • Piece B: 17.7 x 10 x 1.1 inches

This product is sold by Robosource LLC as an accessory for use with VEX Robotics' VEX IQⓇ system. Robosource is not affiliated with VEX Robotics or Innovation First International. Any VEX IQ parts and VEX storage tubs shown in the photos are not included in this set and sold separately by VEX Robotics.

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