Spiral Wire Wrap, Large, 10 ft


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Flexible yet durable expandable spiral wrap can be coiled around wires, pneumatic tubing, and structural pieces to organize and protect them.

  • Initial Inner Diameter of 3/8" expands to 3" and more
  • Optimal for bundling 4+ VEX EDR® cables or pneumatic tubing, or wrapping to bars or standoffs
  • Slightly looser fit makes it easier to add or remove wires
  • 10' Length, Black color

Legal for use on competition robots: Rule R7f permits items for wire management.

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To install, cut to length with scissors or side cutters, then wrap around a bundle of wires or pneumatic tubing. Wrap around standoffs or small metal bars for extra strength. Can be removed and reused, will not wear out even after being used many times.

Technical Specs:
  • Recommended wire bundle size range: 5/16" to 3/4", can be expanded up to 3"
  • 10 foot length, measured at non-expanded size
  • Made of durable Polyethylene, has a rubberized feel to the touch
  • Recommended temperature range -75°C to 101°C
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