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Aluminum Screws, 2", 50 Pack


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At a third the weight of steel yet strong enough for virtually anywhere on your VEX robot, there's no reason not to be using aluminum screws!

  • 8-32 Aluminum hardware is compatible with all existing VEX EDR hardware, aluminum nuts, and thin nylock nuts.
  • Slotted drive head allows you to tighten the screw as much as possible and can be used with a variety of tools from Robosource, or your own standard tools.
  • Includes 50 8-32 aluminum screws of length 2.000".

Please note: Aluminum screws are no longer competition-legal as of the June 2022 game manual update. However, they are still fully compatible with all hardware and great for classroom and non-competition uses.

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Tips for working with aluminum hardware in VEX Robotics:

  • You can even use VEX EDR steel structure pieces to tighten aluminum screws! Bend or cut your own "keys" to fit into tight spaces for the ultimate in low-profile hardware tightening.
  • Make sure that the slotted tool is seated fully in the screw head. As long as the tool is properly set in the screw, you will not have any issue with the head skipping.
  • Aluminum screws are great for holding metal structure together. However, high stress points should use steel screws. For example, if you have a 2" long cantilever holding your entire lift on, that should have a steel screw.
  • Don't use aluminum screws if you need to cut threads in hard material, for example into a tight hole in a piece of metal.
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