Polycarbonate Sheet 48" x 96" x 0.03" View larger

Thin Polycarbonate Sheet 48" x 96" x 0.03" (1/32")


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Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan or Makrolon) is a tough, non shattering plastic that is very clear. It offers endless possibilities in your robot design and is easy to work with. Sheets can be cut easily (even tin snips work well for small pieces) and can be cold-bent or heated and bent. This 1/32" sheet is thinner and more flexible than the standard 1/16" sheets.

Legal for use on competition robots: Rule R9 permits plastic from one 12x24x0.070" sheet.

Includes one 48x96" (± 1/32") sheet of 1/32" Polycarbonate that can easily be cut down to competition-legal size.

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PLEASE NOTE: This products ships rolled. Unroll immediately upon delivery to prevent curving.

Polycarbonate is a superior clear plastic sheet compared to Plexiglass/Acrylic
Sheets can easily be cut, milled, and drilled with any standard tools (hacksaw, jigsaw, snips for thin sheets, standard drill bit, etc.) without the cracking or fracturing you would find in Plexiglass. Additionally, Polycarbonate can be bent neatly. Thin sheets can be bent cold with sheet metal techniques, while thicker ones are easy to shape with the help of a heat gun. It is also perfect for thermoforming or vacuum forming. This makes Polycarb perfect for both DIY and professional projects around the home, shop, or for manufacturing.

Shatter Resistant & Strong
Polycarbonate has great mechanical properties, making it often considered as a safer option than glass sheets or acrylic sheets. Tensile Stress: 63 MPa. Flexural Stress: 90 MPa. Rockwell Hardness, R: 120

High Optical Clarity
Light transmission of 88-90%, tested at 2.54mm thickness per ASTM D1003

Electrical Resistance
Volume Resistivity: > 1.0E15 Ohm-cm

Protective Film on BOTH SIDES
This product is shipped with a thin protective film on both sides. Please peel this off to expose the clear sheet. You can mark onto this film while working with the material, then remove it to expose a pristine surface.

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