Robosource Robot Case Kit

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Robosource's Robot Case is the ultimate solution to transport your VEX Robots! Durable, high strength hard-sided flight case keeps contents safe at a price everyone can afford. Designed specifically to fit and protect VEX Robots while being accepted as standard size checked luggage, you can take your robot on flights with confidence.

Cases are shipped flat with simple assembly required using a drill and hand riveter. Our new fully assembled cases are available here:

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Designed for VEX Robots, Fits as Checked Luggage

Sized to perfectly fit any VEX Robot with inside dimensions of 19.25” cubed. Outer size of 20” cubed fits most airlines’ checked luggage size limit, meaning you can take your robot to far away events without paying extra.

High Strength Protection, Lighter than Pelican Cases

ABS Plywood Laminate sides, Aluminum Extrusions, and quality hardware keep contents safe through rough handling, all while being lighter than the comparable Pelican 0350 Case.

Easy Assembly with Simple Tools

Fully pre-cut panels slide right into slotted aluminum extrusions and corner braces hold everything together. Watch the Assembly Video or follow the step-by-step photo instructions. All you need is a drill and inexpensive hand riveter.

Comfortable Handles, or add Caster Wheels

Move your robot case comfortably with padded rubber handles. For even easier transport, add smooth gliding casters under your case.

Secure Latches, Tongue-and-Groove Joints

Heavy duty latches hold the case lid closed firmly, tongue-and-groove extrusions around the entire edge keep it secure while blocking dirt and water spray. For added peace-of-mind, latches can be zip-tied shut.

Quick-Change Removable Casters

Optional removable casters can easily slide on and off of the case when checking in for a flight or loading the case for transport. Also allows multiple cases to be neatly stacked.

Foam Padded Interior

Adding high density foam to the inside of the case offers even more protection for your robots. Lines the bottom and sides of the case, excluding the lid.

Required Tools

The following basic tools are used to assemble the robot case:

When adding casters, a Philips screwdriver and 3/8” (or adjustable) wrench are also used. To add foam to the inside of the case, hot glue is also required.

Fixed vs. Quick Change Removable Casters

Fixed casters are perfect for most cases. However, if you are planning to check your case on a flight you may want to consider removable casters for two reasons. First, if your airline is very strict with measurements, the case with casters attached is slightly larger than the standard 62” limit (although we’ve never run into any issues). Second, if your case has casters on it, baggage handlers will tip it on its side so that is doesn’t roll around on conveyors and in the aircraft, so be sure to keep this in mind when packing your robot.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Standard Robot Case: 24.8 lbs
  • Fixed Casters: add 1.6 lbs
  • Removable Casters: add 3 lbs
  • Foam Lining: add 1.2 lbs
  • Outside Dimensions: 20" x 20" x 20.2"
  • Inside Dimensions: 19.25" x 19.25" x 19.25"
  • Inside Dimensions with Foam Added: 18.4" x 18.4" x 19.25"

Assembly Instructions & Videos

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