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  • • High Strength Lock Bars

    No more broken gears or rounded out hubs! Use these high strength lock bars for reinforcement or to mount high strength shafts directly to metal parts.

    Made by VEX Team Virus, these HS lock bars fit VEX EDR® High Strength (1/4") shafts. VEX® Robotics Competition Legal, these bars are precision cut and broached from genuine VEX EDR® 1x25 Steel Bar to a tolerance of ±.001”.

  • • VEX Wire Repair

    Everything you need to repair VEX EDR® wires and connectors in a VEX Robotics® Competition legal way. You can also make your own wires, which are competition legal if made in the same lengths as VEX® Extension Cables. Crimp pins (gold plated for higher durability), housings, cable, and tools. We're still working on this category, check back soon for all products!

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  • • Competition Field...

    Low cost products and unofficial field components for the VEX® Robotics Competition Field that can be used for many years.

  • • Thread Lock

    Thread Locker for VEX Screws, Standoffs, and More